The new music video Turbo Killer by Carpenter Brut, French synth wave musician has been released on Monday, February 29th at 6pm (Paris time). Collaborating with director Seth Ickerman, Carpenter Brut is bringing to one of his hits a vivid and ambitious universe mixing science-fiction and a macabre feel.
In 2012, Carpenter Brut released EP I, which was an instant hit – especially with Le Perv and its music video which pays tribute to Fabio Fulci and 80’s slashers. Then came EP II, the powerful Roller Mobster, crowned the EP and became a reference in heavy synthwave. In early 2015 came the end of the trilogy started in 2012 with the release of the third EP, EPIII. Turbo Killer is part of his latest opus and the music video directed by Seth Ickerman may be considered as the synthesis of Carpenter Brut’s universe developed throughout the three EPs.

Carpenter Brut draws its influences from 80s TV shows and B-movies loaded with synthesizers. The mysterious and discreet man behind the pentagon – or the Brutagram as his fans would call it – evokes an encounter between Justice beats and the universe of John Carpenter.

Carpenter Brut pays tribute to the post-hippie/pre-AIDS culture that then set the basis of electro and metal to give us a unique, violent and crazy 80s revival sound. As one of the leaders of the retro new wave scene despite himself, Carpenter Brut can be found on the successful video games Hotline Miami 2 : Wrong Number and The Crew (Ubisoft).

Working for brands such as LG, Ubisoft and Samsung, Seth Ickerman is currently developing his first feature film: Ickerman, whose « proof of concept » video has been an instant hit since its release in early February.

Inspired by Carpenter Brut’s Trilogy, Seth Ickerman has made every effort to make his universe alive and organic. With a good dose of science-fiction, the music video Turbo Killer is a perfect symbiosis between these two artists. This successful first collaboration might foreshadow others in the future…

When a dusty vinyls enthusiast and New York 1997 ’s soundtrack lover meets a nostalgic of old movies, enamored with The Empire Strikes Back, it leads to TURBO KILLER.

Carpenter Brut  at La Cigale, Paris, on May 27th 2016 was sold-out

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